St Patrick’s day in Sneem; what caught my eye.

Here are a few images of what caught my eye on St Patrick’s day yesterday in Sneem. As you may have noticed, I am posting this the day after the big celebrations hence the half working brain, hence the very visual post without too many words. Sure it’s grand sure.

Bric a brac in Sneem, Ring of Kerry

You know things do happen after the pub. Well good news; I didn’t go home with a chicken or a cow but with my still standing Irish man.

And of course I put my green on. I spotted that dress in a charity shop a few weeks ago and immediately thought “Paddy’s Day”. A great investment for 3 euros as it will be worn again and again. The little jacket is green velvet; also a thrift shop find that I adore from years ago. Green is probably my favorite color.My green dress for St Patrick's day

Aaand some more stuff. I didn’t buy anything by the way although I now quite fancy that creepy little monkey from the first photo.

There is no image of the parade as I really wasn’t in a prime spot for taking photos.

Here, let’s end this on a very high note with the King and some fancy things on a table.

Thanks for stopping by. xo

St Patrick's day market in Sneem, County Kerry

I made upcycled vinyl record rings.

Ring ring ring! I’ve made one of a kind upcycled vinyl record rings. If you’re familiar with my work, you will recognize my signature style. A pretty groovy eco-friendly gift for her, or him. See more photos and get all the details here.


A bit of aqua, lime and Nana

01 for fb
Vinyl record stud earrings in the making

Tender aqua and bright lime green; colors reminiscent of warm summer days.

Lime in your drink, by the pool.
Limes on your dress, by the sea.
Lime popsicles, in the park.

The warm days are nearly here and I have been looking for brightly colored vinyl record labels to bring a bit of sunshine to my Etsy shop. So I went to my record pile and started digging for the colorful labels. Well, I know, I am not your typical record digger as you probably figured out.

06 sn 1
“A POPS SERENADE”, handcrafted from the BOSTON POPS ORCHESTRA vinyl record. Truly one of a kind!

Handcrafted one by one from random and rather obscure vinyl records, these stud earrings are truly one of a kind. They feature bits of design and/or names of songs from the original labels.

001 visual

Oh and there’s no need to worry, record lovers out there, as no collectible records are used in the making of my jewelry. So no Beatles or Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd records are sacrificed for the sake of making jewelry. I rather use a lot of old Christmas records and a lot –a lot- of Nana Mouskouri ones. Oh Nana, how much fun we’ve had sticking your big framed eyes into our own glasses.


I’m using a Nana Mouskouri record sleeve at the moment as a “working board” in the workshop. Oh things happen when your work table is full of old record sleeves. Eh Nana?