St Patrick’s day in Sneem; what caught my eye.

Here are a few images of what caught my eye on St Patrick’s day yesterday in Sneem. As you may have noticed, I am posting this the day after the big celebrations hence the half working brain, hence the very visual post without too many words. Sure it’s grand sure.

Bric a brac in Sneem, Ring of Kerry

You know things do happen after the pub. Well good news; I didn’t go home with a chicken or a cow but with my still standing Irish man.

And of course I put my green on. I spotted that dress in a charity shop a few weeks ago and immediately thought “Paddy’s Day”. A great investment for 3 euros as it will be worn again and again. The little jacket is green velvet; also a thrift shop find that I adore from years ago. Green is probably my favorite color.My green dress for St Patrick's day

Aaand some more stuff. I didn’t buy anything by the way although I now quite fancy that creepy little monkey from the first photo.

There is no image of the parade as I really wasn’t in a prime spot for taking photos.

Here, let’s end this on a very high note with the King and some fancy things on a table.

Thanks for stopping by. xo

St Patrick's day market in Sneem, County Kerry


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